A core group of fishing guides on O.H. Ivie specialize at targeting big bass, most by using forward-facing sonar. The technology allows for sniffing out fish that are suspended over deep water and seeing how they react to bait presentations in real time.

Fishing guides Jason Conn, Josh Jones, Brett Cannon, Brady Stanford, Kyle Hall, Dalton Smith, Hill Country Hammer, Wendell Ramsey and Brandon Burks usually net up dozens of ‘Ivie whoppers during the Spring and throughout the year!

Landing a guided trip with them will be in high demand- get with them today.

  • Jason Conn: Jason Conn of Jason Conn Fishing last year landed ShareLunker 642, a 17.03-pound, the eighth-heaviest largemouth bass ever caught in Texas, and the sixth-heaviest ShareLunker donated to the program. He’s back to Ivie soon to see what this season brings to his clients. 
  • Josh Jones: Josh Jones holds the record for catching records on Ivie- 4 Texas Legacy Sharelunkers so far. More than anyone has donated in the programs history.
  • Brett Cannon: Brett is not only an incredible angler he’s also a professional fisherman His goal every year is to educate and entertain all of his clients, but most importantly put them on the biggest fish of their life! He had a great year on the pro circuit and putting his clients on giants!
  • Brady Stanford: Last year Brady Stanford had 2 over 13 lbs with 15 DD’s and was well known for putting multiple clients on ShareLunkers. This Spring, he will have 15 days each month available which will fill up fast! He will also be offering trips at J. B. Thomas for those who are interested. 
  • Kyle Hall: Kyle is no doubt a phenomenal angler that had 40 double digit caught out of his boat last year, all while still professionally competing.
  • Dalton Smith: Dalton Smith is the only angler to net TWO 14-Pound Largemouth Bass in ONE Day on O.H. Ivie Lake! Since then he has dedicated himself to putting his clients on record fish. Most recently, Dalton put a client on a world record catch!
  • Hill Country Hammer Guides & Outfitters: Jerad and his team will be on Ivie April 1- May 1. Hill Country Hammer has a combined Total of 40 years of experience Guiding! On those trips they are specifically targeting Double Digit Bass! As a company they have 10 clients that have caught a 13+ lb bass! The amount of clients that have caught a double digit bass is well over 150- they have certainly proved they are some of the best at sight fishing! These trips are $1500 a day.  A $500 deposit per day is required to book.
  • Brandon Burks: Burks Fishing Guide Specializes in live sonar training and setup, over 50 DDs and counting! He’s been guiding here full time (year around) at OH IVIE for the past 3 years! He also does a lot of forward facing sonar training and getting peoples electronics dialed in! 
    • If you have any questions shoot him a pm or send a text at 817.694.0591
  • Wendell Ramsey: Not only a ShareLunker record holder himself but also one of the most educated anglers on Ivie. As Ivie is his home lake he knows every where to go and every bait to throw- 325.234.6053.
  • Austin Pemberton: Austin Pemberton is no stranger to landing big fish! Finishing last year as one of the top High School anglers in the state he returned to his local lake to put clients on landing their personal best bass! He’s had a great summer and can’t wait to see what he lands this Fall and Spring! Get on his calendar now! 325-721-2048

- For those looking for an amazing adventure after the sun goes down- reach out to Lonnie and Jacob Hamil of Hamil Bowfishing!

They have served nearly 1000 individual shooters, over 200 charter groups, and put thousands of fish in our fish bucket in the last 4 years. Many of those that stay with us come just to fish with them and they always have a blast. Give them a call 432.557.3029 or Lonnie@Hamilbowfishing.com